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The month of October was full of love and support for living in Puerto Rico. We know too well how Hurricane Maria devastated families and left nearly nothing for them to live with or come back to. The media covered a glimpse of the pain and needs for every family which moved us to do something about.

On October 1st at the NYC Vegan Festival, we kicked off the SOX FOR PUERTO RICO campaign. Every pair purchased provided a pair to a family. Despite the focus being on vegan eatery, New York City is home to many with family ties in Puerto Rico. We received overwhelming support for donating something small yet meaningful. 

During the remainder of October the donations kept steadily coming in. Overall, the SOX FOR PUERTO RICO campaign supplied 152 pairs to families! It feels amazing to be a blessing to someone you have never met!

Stay tuned to learn where the sox land and the journey they took to get there!

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