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About Us


What is P.G.?

We are the positive apparel company set to change the world with positivity.
Every piece has an inspiring image and/or message and donates to a local or national cause with its purchase. We are helping Millennials to express themselves positively while influencing other generations and giving back to those in need.

All we want to do is spark a positive Flame in everyone and spread that goodness around the world, one person at a time🔥
All of our gear is proudly made in the U.S.  


Why positive sox?

We want kids and their families to be inspired every time they walk out the door. Knowing that no matter what life brings you can look up after looking down. It's great to read positive affirmations and know you donated to causes like hurricane relief, homeless veterans, or educational needs. These sox represent OUR communities, OUR struggles, and what WE need most today. Love.


Who's behind all of this?

Kimber Johnson, Founder & CEO

Focused on changing the world, Kimber's ambition is to do things differently.  She believes that there is no greater force than love, but it is positivity that houses it.  As a new mother, a U.S. Army Veteran, and graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, she embraces challenges by seeking to make the impossible possible.

Slogan: "If you're going to do it, do it BIG!"

Thomas Johnson,
Marketing Manager & Creative Assistant

Being the youngest of the team is a great quality for such as an old soul. Thomas is the creative genius behind the apparel designs and is expanding the brand in Syracuse, New York. With a passion for marketing, he seeks to travel the world while bringing people together to help those in need.