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With all the destruction and families being separated we wanted to make a difference this hurricane season. So for the month of September, we are donating our positive sox to Houston. Every pair that is purchased, no matter online or during events, a pair will be donated to a Hurricane Harvey survivor. 

The idea came to mind immediately after seeing all the flooding on the news. Being a startup company, we were just trying to focus on social causes initially. It never crossed our minds that disaster relief would come under that umbrella. And we honestly were not sure if we could afford to give away a bulk of our inventory. But we're grateful we did.

There's nothing more rewarding than not doing business as usual. We took a chance by not worrying about the bottom line and the company has actually grown in influence over the past month. We have added more brand ambassadors, been invited to tremendous events and are growing in sales.  

So we're sure that the purpose of this company is on the right path! Thank you again to all who donated sox during the month of September! And thank you for helping us make a Step Toward Change in Houston!

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